Applying for the Corporate IT Awards 2022

Why applying

The Corporate IT Awards recognize IT organizations and their companies for the transformative adoption and application of technology to deliver genuine business value. So, participating to the Corporate IT Awards is a great opportunity for CIOs to galvanize their teams, showcase their achievements, and be recognized as forward-thinking and business-enabling leaders.

Nominated companies will be recognized and celebrated by the whole IT community during a glamorous ceremony as part of the CIO Leadership Summit. Furthermore, winning one of the Corporate IT Awards is an acknowledged mark of excellence. And because awards are given to companies rather than individuals, it’s an honor that everyone on the IT staff and the whole organization can take pride in.

How to apply

Corporate IT Awards – corporate organizations
To be considered, entrants must apply as rapidly as possible and complete a small dossier (template available on demand) by 30 June 2022 at the very latest. This dossier will help the Jury examine how well submitted projects have been executed by (and/or) pioneering a new technology, applying a familiar technology to a new purpose, simplifying processes, optimizing the existing infrastructure, etc. Finally, dossiers must illustrate business value generated, not just IT benefits.

If you are a Vendor or Service provider and would like to nominate one of your clients for a Corporate IT Award category, we advise you to enlist the CIO and/or the CEO within the organization you wish to nominate to submit the application.

Best IT Service Provider
IT Service Providers and Technology Vendors are encouraged to apply for the Best IT Service Provider of the Year award, the country’s most prestigious recognition ever. The dossier template is available on demand to our secretariat.