The Corporate IT Awards showcase inspiring organizations and cutting-edge transformations in a variety business and technology areas. The Award categories are:

1Best Operational Effectiveness

This category is open to organizations that demonstrate achievements and sustained commitment to operational effectiveness and transformation of business models through (and/or) enterprise architecture redesign, digital platforms and ecosystems, organizational agility, IT infrastructure optimization, ERP integration, new sourcing models, etc. Judges will look for innovative change/transformation initiatives, how effectively they are implemented and measured, which technology are used, and the active role that IT plays in the program.

2Best Smart Industrial Automation

This category refers to the application of digital technology in the industrial sector with the purpose of optimizing production, operations, logistics and supply chain performance. More specifically, the Jury will examine how industrial organizations are bringing production and supply chains in the industry 4.0 era through (and/or) robotics, industrial IoT, AI, smart devices, intelligent collection of data, man-machine interaction, among others. Beyond the productivity advantage created, the Jury will also examine how projects are delivering improved industrial effectiveness and business value at the intersection of the digital and physical worlds.

3Best Customer Experience

This category addresses the projects and initiatives aimed at creating great customer experience and engagement through e-commerce systems, as-a-service solutions, digital platforms, innovative use of social media, mobile applications, advanced analytics and CRM tools, among others. Besides the innovative aspects of the technology adopted, the Jury will also look at how improved customer experience delivers qualitative and/or quantitative business outcomes through relevant metrics.

4Best Enterprise Digitalization

This category covers the challenges of accelerating enterprise digitalization by adopting disruptive approaches to implement as-a-service models, integrate in house and cloud-based applications, foster collaborative work, optimize remote working, advance ecosystems and digital platforms (e-trading, e-commerce, …), improve employee productivity, boost corporate performance management, etc. The Jury will have a look at technology adoption and deployment processes adopted, as well as at how the enterprise digitalization is raised in terms of new productivity and efficiency gains.

5Best Technology Pioneering

This category wants to honor companies that are overtaking the challenge to introduce new cutting-edge technologies to advance innovation and strategic enablement across their organization. Relating to e.g. blockchain, IoT, AI, machine learning, devops, edge computing, 5G, augmented reality, …, projects may be either established with tangible deliverables or early-stage initiatives with promising potential and early metrics. Pioneering technology projects will be examined by the jury not just for the new technology selected, but also for its disruptive impact on the organization, on business and/or on people.

6Best Societal Impact

We believe in the importance of recognizing the role companies should play in the responsible and ethical use of digital technologies. Consequently, this category explores how digital technology is implemented and deployed not just for business purposes, but also to create tangible and positive impact on people, the environment, and the society as a whole. The Jury will look for very concrete projects that create, beyond business proposes, a positive impact on e.g. people jobs, wellness, social divide, sustainable development, education, healthcare, climate change, digital divide, etc.

7Best IT Service Provider

Besides the 5 Corporate IT Awards that honor corporate organizations, this award honors a supplier of hardware, software, solutions, consulting and/or integration services that demonstrates tangible and sustained performance in revenue and profitability growth, service delivery and support, customer satisfaction, customer-centric staff, innovative products/services, and customer centricity culture.