Although change management, agility and innovation beyond traditional boundaries is a constant discipline for all IT organizations, never has it been more vital than in current times.

Therefore, the Corporate IT Awards 2022 will solely focus on initiatives aimed at moving from an unwelcome disruptor of very traditional ways of working, to become a stabilizer and furthermore a catalyst to do business differently with a clear focus on collaboration, productivity and customer connectedness.

Business, technology and societal changes are impacting IT organizations in different ways. But for all of them, change represents both their greatest challenge and their potential shining hour by, for instance, reshaping IT networks infrastructure. Enabling remote and distributed workforce. Reconsidering new levels of cybersecurity. Repurposing existing platforms and building new tools to support business and individuals. Expanding business continuity and resiliency. Expanding digital ecosystems and related platforms. Amplifying organizational agility. Reshaping the IT roadmap and technology adoption agenda. Reassessing the list of strategic vendors and partners. Envisioning a new IT/Digital reskilling exercise. Reviewing the real promises and benefits of AI, ML, IoT, Devops to serve immediate needs. Re-prioritizing investments and project portfolio around cloud and as-a-service. Balancing short-term efforts with long-term measures. Boosting self-service channels and platforms to support employees, customers and partners. Fortifying data analytics to take the business pulse in real time. Deploying virtual and collaboration-based assistance to deliver 24x7 customer service. Among many others!

The initiatives will be grouped and categorized as follows upon their priority objective, impact and achievements:

1Operational Effectiveness

> transformation of business models through (and/or) enterprise architecture redesign, digital platforms and ecosystems, organizational agility, IT infrastructure optimization, ERP modernization, new sourcing models, etc. Judges will look for relevant change/transformation initiatives, how effectively they are being implemented, which technology are adopted, and the leading role that IT plays in the program.

2Smart Industrial Automation

> new initiatives in the industrial sector with the purpose to adapt production, operations, logistics and supply chain. More specifically, the Jury will examine how industrial organizations have adapted their model and processes through (and/or) robotics, industrial IoT, AI, smart devices, intelligent collection of data, man-machine interaction, among others. Beyond the search for keeping productivity with a constrained and often reduced workforce, the Jury will also examine how projects are delivering improved industrial effectiveness and business value at the intersection of operational technology and information technology.

3Customer Experience

> creation of new customer experiences and engagement through enhanced e-commerce systems, as-a-service solutions, digital platforms, innovative use of social media, mobile applications, among others. Besides the aspects of the technology adopted, the Jury will also look at how particular initiatives and maintained and/or improved customer experience through relevant outcomes and metrics.

4Accelerated Digitalization

> Implementation of new as-a-service models, integration of in house and cloud-based applications, optimization of remote and collaborative working, set up of new ecosystems and digital platforms (e-trading, e-commerce, …), etc. The Jury will have a look at new technology adoption and rapidity of deployment processes, as well as at how the digitalization acceleration translates into productivity, efficiency and collaboration gains.

5Technology Pioneering

> Introduction of new cutting-edge technologies to improve remote working, collaboration, innovation and/or strategic enablement through e.g. blockchain, IoT, AI, machine learning, devops, edge computing, 5G, augmented reality, etc. Pioneering technology initiatives will be examined by the jury not just for the new technology selected, but also for their adoption rationale and expected impact on the organization, business and/or people.

6Best IT Service Provider

> Although the Corporate IT Awards recognize corporate organizations and their IT departments, this category will honor a technology vendor, a consulting company or a systems integrator that demonstrates tangible performance and going the extra mile in helping client organizations embrace change, prioritize projects and initiatives, and deliver clear achievements today and in the long run.