Welcome to the Corporate IT Awards 2020 !

This initiative aims at honoring, every year, the companies from the private and public sector that demonstrate excellence and tangible achievements in delivering competitive advantage and business success through innovative implementation and usage of information technology.

More specifically, we want to detect and recognize organizations that are building a strong digital capability to create competitive advantage, optimize business processes, sustain innovation, foster collaboration, improve workforce productivity, or improve customer relationship. Moreover, a particular attention is given on how those high-performance IT organizations are sustaining this capability in the long run by addressing the pivotal events that are critical to their business.

And contrarily to most award initiatives, the Corporate IT Awards are fully objective and neutral, through a clear and transparent process supervised by a Jury made of former CIOs, renowned technology experts, and selected business leaders.

Finally, the awards are given to companies and not to individuals. As such, they are a hallmark of excellence not just for the organisation but also for its clients, partners, suppliers, and any other stakeholders. In addition, they represent an extraordinary recognition of corporate excellence.

Award winners will be revealed and celebrated during the yearly CIO Leadership Summit on 19 October 2020. Year after year, the Awards aim at becoming a unique barometer to measure the maturity and innovation capacity of both corporate organizations and service providers for anticipating and managing digital transformation.

Don’t miss this opportunity to have your achievements and team recognized. We look forward to get your application very quickly !

The Corporate IT Awards Team