Selection, Criteria and Jury

1. Corporate organizations

Nominees of the Corporate IT Awards are selected in 2 different ways:

2. Solutions & technology providers

A list of 10 initial honorees will be established upon a neutral and objective survey undertaken towards Belgium’s CIO and digital leaders community. Additionally, any technology vendor or service provider may apply and introduce a dossier to enter the process.

3. Criteria

The Jury will examine, analyze and compare the dossiers upon the following criteria:

4. Jury

Jury members are selected upon drastic criteria. They must be either former CIOs, seasoned technology experts, or renowned business practitioners.

Ranga Deshpande
President of Common Europe. Former CIO at Bordet Hospital.

Stéphanie Porteman
Interim CIO, former Partner at, former ICT Director at LCM/MC. President of the Jury.

Ioan Gartner
Former IT Infrastructure Manager, Banksys. Independent senior CIO advisor

René Aebischer
Former Director Transversal IT, BNP Paribas Fortis. Senior IT Advisor

Thierry Janssen
Managing Partner, JITM Group. Independent Board director. Former CEO at Getronics France, WIN and Econocom.

Jean-Pierre Bernaerts
Former CIO, Indaver. Managing Partner, DPOffice

Edwin D’Hondt
Former SVP Information Systems, Umicore. Management Consultant & IT Advisor.